Brain Byte Blitz

Rules and Regulations:-
● Individual Event: The quiz competition is an individual event. Participants will compete on their own.
● Question Categories: Questions will cover Basics of Mechanical Engineering and General Knowledge related to technology development.
● Two Rounds: The competition consists of two rounds. The first round will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and the second round will feature questions requiring a single answer.
● Answer Time Limit: Participants will have 30 seconds to answer each question.
● Scoring: Each correctly answered question earns 1 point.
● Mobile Phone Prohibition: Mobile phones are strictly prohibited during the competition to maintain fairness and integrity.
● Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will be provided to determine the final standings.

Other Details:-
● On 17/04/2024
● Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
● Registration Fee: ₹ 100
● Activity Points : Up to 40
● Prize Worth: ₹ 3000

Student Coordinators:
Arjun M
Ph: 8590171025
Rakesh R Shenoy
Ph: 6238371924
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