BUILT XTRA (Bridge making using Ice-Cream Sticks)

It is an opportunity to put your wisdom and experience together to showcase your skills in bringing life to a bridge. This event is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop a Bridge that will be tested for strength-to-weight ratio. Bridge will be loaded at Centre of the span for which provision to be made by the participant.

Rules and Regulations:-
1. It is a spot event, maximum of 4 participants are allowed in a team.
2. A bridge is to be made with ice cream sticks, the materials required for making the bridge deck will be provided at the venue.
3. The minimum height of sticks should be 10cm, maximum width of construction is 10cm, and length (span) of the Bridge is 50cm.
4. Participants should complete the task within stipulated time.
5. Judgment will be based on deflection and load bearing capacity of the bridge model.
6. Open to all branches.
7. All participants will be awarded with certificate and winners will be awarded with cash prizes.

Other Details:-
1. Registration Fee 300/- per team
2. Winners will be awarded a prize pool of Rs 3000/-
3. A maximum of activity point 40.
4. On 17th April 2024 at 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
5. Offline event
6. Venue : Lecture Hall 1

Student Coordinators:-
Aswathy K
Ph: 6238696799
Riya Fathima
Ph: 9037813554
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