Rules and Regulations:-
● Participants must stand at a designated starting point.
● The game operator starts the timer or stopwatch when the participant begins.
● Participants must navigate the metal loop along the twisted wire from the starting point to the finish without letting the loop touch the wire.
● If the loop touches the wire at any point, the buzzer will sound, indicating end of the game
● The participant's turn ends when they either reach the end of the wire successfully, or when the buzzer sounds due to a fault, or when the time limit of 2 minutes is reached.
● The time taken by the participant to complete the task will be recorded
● Participants may have 2 attempts to complete the task, with their best time within the time limit being recorded.
● Participants receive a score based on their time taken to complete the task. The faster the time, the better the score.
● If the participant touches the wire, the game ends.
● The participant with the fastest time within the time limit wins the game.
● Judge's decision will be considered final

Other Details:-
● ON 17/04/2024
● Time: 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM
● Registration Fee: ₹ 50
● Activity Points : Up to 40
● Prize Worth: ₹ 1700

Student Coordinators:
Sruthin M
Ph: 8590636783
Ph: 7907133560
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