OPEN SIM SIM (Treasure Hunt)

An outdoor treasure hunt game encourages you to be active and to explore.

Rules and regulations:-
1. Participants should form a team of 4 members.
2. Hint consists of 5 clues out of which few may be misleading.
3. Few tasks are setup along with the treasure path, which must be performed in order to find the next clue.
4. Proximity of the hunt is entire college premises.
5. College map will be provided.
6. The obtained clues must be kept safely till the end. Fail to do so may lead the team to lose the hunt.
7. Tampering or picking up more than one clue is strictly prohibited.
8. Miss-behaving with the volunteer and seeking help from outside the team may lead to team disqualification.
9. Organizers have the authority to disqualify any team if the rules are found to be violated.
10. Volunteer may be present at each stage of the event and will monitor your progress.
11. Participants should complete the task within stipulated time.
12. All participants will be awarded with certificates.

Other Details:-
1. Registration fee 300/-
2. Winners will be awarded a prize pool of Rs. 3000/-
3. On 17th April 2024 at 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM
4. Offline event
5. Venue: College Campus

Student coordinators:
Abhijith K P
Ph: 8157949440
Ph: 9496676355
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