PODIUM (Technical Debate)

A debate can meet a human need or solve a human problem by revealing the opinions of the debaters. Just come and join to express your ideas and opinions.

Rules and regulations:-
1. The language of the competition will be in English.
2. Two teams will be competing against each other, each team consisting of two members.
3. The competition is open only for UG.
4. One speaker from each team will have to present for the motion while the other speaks against the motion.
5. The competition shall consist of 2 rounds: Preliminary Round and Final Round.
6. For the Preliminary Round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 1 minute and the rebuttal will be of 90 seconds.
7. For the Final Round, each speaker shall be allowed to speak for 3 minutes, and the rebuttal will be of 150 seconds.
8. At the end of their presentation each speaker may face questions from the Judges.
9. Use of foul or obscene language will lead to disqualification.
10. Participants can use any source of information during preparatory period. No book, document or electronic gadget shall be allowed to the participant while speaking.
11. The organizers reserve the right to alter or change the rules or the procedure of the competition.
12. All the rounds will be offline.
13. All participants will be awarded with certificates and winners will be awarded with prizes.

Other Details:-
1. Registration fee 200/-
2. Winners will be awarded a prize pool of Rs. 3000/-
3. A maximum of activity point Up to 40.

4. On 19th April 2024 at 09:30 AM to 11:30 PM
5. Offline event.
6. Venue Seminar Hall 2

Student Coordinators:
Ph: 9496118613
Fathima Jumina
Ph: 7902267864
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