Robo Cup

● 2 bots of equal dimensions will be given to participants

● Arena Dimensions are 8 x 4 feet.
● The arena will have walled boundaries.
● The ball used in the game will be a plastic ball.

Rules and Regulations:-
● Each team consist of 2 members
● In the beginning, a toss will decide the first hold over the ball. The winner of the toss will get possession of the ball at the centre of the arena, whereas theopponent will have to defend the post.
● The match will consist of two halves.
● The duration of one half will depend on the type of match as follows:
∙ Initial knockout matches: 3 minutes
∙ Quarter and semi-final: 3 minutes
∙ Final: 5 minutes
∙ In case of a draw, extra time of two minutes and shootout will be given.
∙ Side change will be there after half time
● The match will be paused in case of any entanglement of wires of boththebots.
● A bots should not damage the other bot.
● In case only one team is disqualified, the opponent team wins by default.
● Only 2 members of each team may be present at a time in the arena.
● If the bot is wired, one member will be the controller of the bot and the other will hold the wire.
● The structure of the robot should not change during the competition.
● The decisions taken by the referees will be final.
● In case of any disputes, the decisions of the referees or event managers will befinal.

Other Details:-
● ON 18/04/2024
● Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
● Registration Fee: ₹ 200
● Activity Points : Up to 40
● Prize Worth: ₹ 3000
● 2 Members per Team

Student Coordinator:
Alen M
Ph: 9037231189
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