TERRARIA (Adventure Meet)

An adventure game forces the player to understand and respond things quickly.

Rules and Regulations:-
1. Winner will be the person who completes the task in a minimum time.
2. Participants should be moved through all the obstacles.
3. Final decision will be taken by the coordinators.
4. Any violation in rule will be disqualified.
5. Cash prize will be provided.

Other Details:-
1. Registration Fee 100/-
2. Winners will be awarded a prize pool of Rs. 3000/-
3. On 18th April 2024 and 19th April 2024 at 09:30 AM to 01:30 PM

4. Offline event
5. Venue: College Campus

Student coordinators:
Advaith R
Ph: 8330830380
Diya T
Ph: 6238028634
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