Rules and Regulations:-
● Each team, consisting of a maximum of 2 members, is given 2 hours to build a robot using only the provided components and parts.
● Teams must register in advance to participate in the event.
● Teams must adhere to the provided instructions for building the robot.
● Internet can be utilized for reference during the building phase.
● The robot must be built from dismantled form to the required form within the allotted time.
● After 2 hours, the race through the given track will commence.
● The team that finishes the race the fastest while obeying track rules will be rewarded.
● Any deviation from the rules may result in disqualification.
● Safety precautions must be observed throughout the event.
● Judges' decisions are final.
● The event organizers reserve the right to modify rules as necessary for smooth conduct.

Other Details:-
● On 17/04/2024
● Time: 11:30 AM- 02:00 PM
● Registration Fee: ₹ 200
● Activity Points : Up to 40
● Prize Worth: ₹ 3000
● 2 Members per Team

Student Coordinators:
Ph: 7306586659
Ph: 8921551967
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